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The Paris Air Show  at Paris-Le Bourget Airport is probably the most exciting Trade show to visit every other year to find and see the latest developments in aviation.

We, the people behind Zijde Aviation Photo and Publishing (as this is our full name) started visiting the Le Bourget air show in 1985. That means that this year, Le Bourget 2013 will be our 15th visit to this grand show that hosts all the great manufacturers of all that has anything to do with aviation, reason enough we thought to display some of the photo’s we took over the last 15 shows (29 years).

We started in 1985, 28 years younger, we took off to Paris to see the Le Bourget Air show for the first time. As you will see our photo-equipment was a bit cheaper, but we were very enthusiastic. Never the less, we hope the reader will understand that the quality of the photo’s is getting better within the years, just like most people we got better thru the years…

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